Sustinere Green Global Awards Participation Process or How to Apply?

Introduction: Sustinere Green Global Awards & Conference 2023 is a prestigious national and global conference and awards designed to discuss the latest happenings in the field of Environment, Health and Safety, ESG, Corporate Social Responsibility & Skill Development and honor the coolest work in these domains. This helps in promoting business excellence by providing Framework or Criteria for assessment that is based on similar principles as other awards throughout the world.
Eligible Organizations :-
1. Public Sector Units (PSUs).
2. Private Sector Organizations
3. Government/Municipal Organizations, Government Undertakings & Public Utility Services.
4. NGO’s.
Process For Participation
1. Call for entries
2. Download the Application Form from the website or email [email protected].
3. Softcopy of the Award Application should be submitted complete in all respects with supporting documents along with the applicable participation.
4. Applications must be submitted in either word or PDF format. PDF Documents and nomination/applications over the word limits indicated in the form will not be reviewed.
5. Application submission should only be in the given format along with the presentation.
6. Validation of Received Forms
7. Short listing of applicants for the jury presentation/Mandatory Oral presentation by all short-listed nominee company/units in presence of Jury Members constituted by Foundation through Video Conferencing
8. Eminent jury to do the screening and Selection of the winners. Site Visits may be conducted (if required) where Jury shall make a visit to selected units/workplaces/properties.
9. Award ceremony

Selection Process

Explore and Choose Your 2023 Categories
Complete Your Submission
Screening and Selection of the Winners
Awards Ceremony
Sustinere Green Global Awards Framework:-Awards Framework is designed to help explore organizational beliefs and strategy, to look for linkages and measurable activity to gauge long-term impact in the respective domains.
Awards Guidelines:- Each Award Guideline is designed as a framework for management system excellence through self-assessment and external evaluation. It contains the Criteria that organizations can use to assess themselves against management best practices. In addition, the evaluators in the Sustinere Green Global Awards process use these Criteria and the associated Assessment Matrix to evaluate the applications for these Awards. These guidelines and application forms are available at Bodhi Foundation India website
Evaluators:- The Jury Members to evaluate and finalize award winners shall consist of eminent personalities derived from public sector, private sector, media, and academic institutions who have wide experience in the areas related to the award. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to make appropriate knowledgeable and experienced staff available to be qualified evaluators in the Sustinere Awards programme. Involvement in the Awards programme is an excellent way for an individual and enterprise to gain expertise.
Process:- The evaluation process recognizes a variety of conditions under which an organization conducts its activities. Evaluators are required to consider these factors in their assessment of the organization’s performance against the assessment criteria. The decision on whether to conduct a site visit, or not, is made by the evaluation team at the short-listing stage. The site visit may be required if the Jury feels to verify if the written submission truly reflects organization’s system and process, and to investigate areas that may be difficult to describe in a short document.
Site Visit:-The site visit may be required if the Jury feels to verify if the written submission truly reflects organization’s system and process, and to investigate areas that may be difficult to describe in a short document, and to determine additional facts where appropriate.
Finalists:-In case of well contested important awards, the jury may only short list the finalists for a closer look by another committee. In that case, the finalist organizations are invited to make brief presentations, highlighting their major initiatives and achievements in that field and reply to any clarifications required by the final independent jury, before the winners are announced.
Award Ceremony:-The presentation of awards is normally held during National and International conferences organized by the Sustinere Green Global Conferences and Awards. All organizations are encouraged to publicize their achievements and to share their experiences with others. The prestigious Sustinere Green Global Awards will be presented during a ceremonial program in New Delhi by eminent personalities. It will be a very prestigious, memorable event and first of its kind in the world.

Levels Of Recogition

Sustinere Green Global Awards

“Sustinere Green Global Awards”are being hosted at National & International Level and will be conducted on regular intervals. These Awards recognize organization’s that are leaders in embracing and promoting Environmental,Health & Safety initiatives,ESG,CSR,Skill Development and Social Consciousness throughout all facets of their operations, from governance to employees, covering their products and services and engaging all stakeholders. These Awards aim to support socially responsible investments in corporates and encourage government at the local and national level to lead by example and set the foundation for a sustainable economy and society. The Awards are aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that sets forth agenda to tackle economic, social, and environmental challenges by 2030 and climate change imperatives to reduce net emissions of all greenhouse gases to zero by 2050.
Corporate Awards
“Sustinere Green Global Awards” nominations will be considered from Corporates, Plants, manufacturing Units and Construction Projects, NGOs, Training Institutes, Business Houses, Agricultural Startups and even those that are not mentioned here for their incredible performance on Environment Health and Safety, ESG Corporate Social Responsibility & Skill Development & Innovations parameters.

Global Green Preeminent Awards 2023
“Global Green Preeminent Awards” have been designed to recognize outstanding achievements in environmental conservation projects, processes and awareness programs. Green Pre-eminent Award honor those partners, projects, and processes that excel in meeting growing environmental conservation needs while protecting and enhancing the environment. While working in partnership with States, organizations, businesses, and individuals, We at Sustinere Green Global Awards secretariat encourage environmental development and increased awareness of the successes we can achieve by incorporating environmental excellence into our everyday work.
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Global ESG Impact Awards 2023
“Global ESG Impact Awards 2023” recognizes organization’s that are leaders in embracing and promoting environmental and social consciousness throughout all facets of their operation from governance to employees, covering their products and services and engaging all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, investors and the wider community). The aim for the Awards is to be a platform for leaders and industry professionals to not only establish themselves as frontiers but to also learn from alike and master the evolution of their portfolios and initiatives to achieve compelling results. The Awards showcase the best ESG performance in line with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. An important part of this is to communicate your success to your stakeholders. ESG awards will create a competitive and transparent forum for companies to compare and celebrate their ESG improvement and performance against their peers.
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Global Safety Vision Awards 2023
“Global Safety Vision Award 2023” recognize and reward the organizations for their exemplary Safety performance & commitment to reduce workplace injuries, implementations of the best OSH practices and encourage continual improvements. The aim of this Award is to evaluate an organization’s interest towards the wellbeing of its employees through adequate measures, not only for the Regulatory requirements, but also as a part of the Management’s Commitment towards ensuring that the workforce is adequately protected through effective Safety, Health measures. The main goal of safety and health is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, as well as the suffering and financial hardship these events can cause for workers, their families, and employers. The recommended practices use a proactive approach to manage workplace safety and health.
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Global CSR Iconic Awards 2023
“Global CSR Iconic Awards 2023” recognize the initiatives of the organizations that have made positive impact on the society through their innovative and sustainable CSR Initiatives. This award aims at identifying and recognizing the efforts of companies in integrating and internalizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their core business operations. The award recognizes efforts of the companies which engage in CSR in a strategic and systematic manner and integrate it with their overall corporate strategy. This initiative is aimed at providing an opportunity to companies to showcase exemplary initiatives taken up by them.
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Global Skill Development & Innovation Triumph Awards 2023
“Global Skill Development & Innovation Triumph Awards 2023” recognizes and honors contribution of organizations in innovations in the field of Skills Development providing new ways of talent development in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While SMEs are crucial for economic development, employment and job creation; they face continuing barriers to developing their human resources. Training & skills development is significantly lower in SMEs than in large enterprises – with SMEs involved in up to 50% less training than larger firms. The pool of SME workers requiring further education and training is significant. However, SMEs often find it difficult to support formal learning activities due to their small size. The Award aims to identify training that makes a real difference and offers tangible benefits to the business/organization or to the community. It rewards organizations who have control on their circumstances, shown real initiative and commitment to development.
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Fee Structure

Nomination Fee
Option 1: Nomination Fee for Large/Medium Enterprises (Corporate, Unit, Plant, Factory, Projects etc.)
Option Early Fee Upto 20th March 2023 Standard Fee w.e.f. 21st March 2023
Non Member Companies Rs. 39,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.46,020 Rs. 41,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.48,380
Member Companies Rs. 37,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.43,660 Rs. 39,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.46,020
Option 2: Nomination Fee for Small Scale Enterprises (Corporate, Unit, Plant, Factory, Project etc.)
Option Early Fee Upto 20th March 2023 Standard Fee w.e.f. 21st March 2023
Non Member Companies Rs. 22,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.25,960 Rs. 24,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.28,320
Member Companies Rs. 20,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.23,600 Rs. 22,000 + GST (18%) = Rs.25,960


The participation fee is inclusive of 18% GST
The confirmation and payment should be done simultaneously.
Bank Charge : To be borne by remitter.
Cancellation Policy: All payments are non-refundable

Payment Details

Participation fee can be paid by way of-
Option-1: Credit Card/net Banking
Use the registration link to make online payment – Credit Card / Net Banking
Option-2: Cheque/dd Should Be Sent To The Bodhi Foundtion India Contacts Provided Below.
Bodhi Foundation India
Address: Unit No 514,5th Floor DLF Tower B
Jasola District Center New Delhi -110025
​Ph. No. 011-2563 4828
Option-3: NEFT/RTGS Please find below the bank details for NEFT. Share UTR No for tracking