Stony Beach
Bodhi Foundation India believes that an efficient workforce combined with the right motivation can achieve new organizational milestones. Committed to providing employees the right management direction, our HR policies facilitate personal and professional growth. It has been our constant endeavor to provide an amicable environment, focusing on high employee engagement and retention.
With the right guidance every individual has the capability to move to the next step. Bodhi follows a structured process of identifying talent within the organization and provides them appropriate opportunities to enable them to occupy future leadership positions.
We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to hiring, developing and retaining the best of talent.
Just register as volunteer, whenever you are free, you can come and join us on our orientation programme. There is no compulsion and you can volunteer by devoting/giving even just 2hrs in a week. Volunteering is totally free no fee will be charged.
Speaking opportunity at Sustinere Green Global Awards will provide you with a platform to share your expertise and vision with industry professionals from the region.
It will give you a chance to position yourself as an industry expert and gain new allies to grow business opportunities for your organization
Drive-change with your insights and knowledge
Influence-industry professionals and build credibility
Learn-from other industry experts
Expand-your professional network to build your business
Note: Register with us or email us with any suggestions or topics that you would like to see addressed in the conference agenda.
We would like to invite professionals who have relevant experience to embark on a rewarding training journey with us. Professionals capable of conducting trainings in the area of Environment Health, Safety, Sustainability, Waste Management, Risk Management, CSR etc. Professionals who are interested may proceed to submit your application for our consideration. Therefore, if you match the below profile and you are interested to exploit your expertise, you may choose to register with us:
1. Multiple-year experience in the expert field.
2. Professional discipline
3. Broad interest in developing organizations and people
4. Enthusiasm and commitment to disseminate knowledge and experience to others.
5. Coaching, mentoring and teaching skills
6. Strong professional network