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As a Member of SGGA, you will access a world of opportunities, from networking with the corporate majors of indian and global industry to assisting in framing economic and industrial policies, through close linkage with the government. SGGA’s proactive approach focusses on helping you to increase efficiency and competitiveness. membership typically has a particular purpose which involves connecting related professionals together around a particular profession, industry, activity, interest, mission in different geographical location and encourage or facilitate interaction and collaboration. SGGA organizes national / international awards & conferences and trainings. conferences provide excellent opportunities for networking as well as for informed discussion on current topics of interest SDG professionals, and the industry as a whole. guests are welcome at most functions, but the full benefits of the SGGA are best achieved through membership. Sustinere Green Global members are eligible for concessional cost savings for all awards/conference and other services.

Membership Benefits

SGGA Members have access to a range of exclusive benefits given bellow

1. Platform to interact with other members, institutions, PSU/Private firm, State & central governments.
2. Forum to meet business and political leaders (from across the world).
3. A substantial discount to our members / member organizations for awards & conferences, trainings etc, and also provide an opportunity to lien with national & global businessleaders that helps you to brainstorm new ideas and innovations in your professional field.
4. Get discount on advisory/consulting services in environment, sustainability, governance, risk management, circular economy, non-financial disclosures like BRSR,Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability strategy framework, TCFD implementation with climate risk assessment, science based targets, DJSI, CDP filing, life cycle Assessment,Product Carbon Foot-printing, audit & assessment (ESG, EC, Energy, Fire & Safety) carbon neutrality framework, GHG emission inventorization, water footprint assessment, ESIA & ESMP
4. Platform to enhance business and develop newer markets.
5. Free access to the latest news, research and advice
6. Opportunities to learn, debate, share best practices to network
7. Skill development & innovation.
8. Regular e-mail updates information relating environment health & safety management, ESG, CSR, skill development
9. Collaborating with SGGA for various activities.
10. Scope to enhance visibility.
Membership fees
For One Year: Rs. 12,000 + GST 18% = Rs. 14,160
For Two Years: Rs. 24,000 + GST 18% = Rs. 28,320
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