Global Skill Development & Innovation Triumph Awards
“Global Skill Development & Innovation Triumph Awards 2023” recognises and honours contribution of organization in innovation in skills development that provides new ways of talent development for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While SMEs are crucial for economic development, employment and job creation they face continuing barriers to developing their human resources. Training & skills development is significantly lower in SMEs than in large enterprises – with SMEs involved in up to 50% less training than larger firms. The pool of SME workers requiring further education and training is significant. However, SMEs often find it difficult to support formal learning activities due to their small size. The Award aim to identify training that makes a real difference and offers tangible benefits to the business/organization or to the community. It rewards organizations who have control on their circumstances, shown real initiative and commitment to development. Evaluate the contribution of your training and Innovation in Skill development programmes for improving the effectiveness, performance and goals of your organization.
As India targets to becoming a global economic powerhouse, it needs to equip its workforce with employable skills and knowledge to make India a developed economy. In today’s scenario, the demand for skilled workforce has increased over the years. It is significant to a country’s growth and stability and in several ways can determine its success. This is the most significant achievement in the field of excellence in Training by providing a role model in our business.

Award Categories

1.  Global Skill Development & Innovation Triumph Award 2023
2.  Global Professional Training Triumph Award 2023
3.  Global Team Training Triumph Award 2023
4.  Global Quality Training Triumph Award 2023
5.  Global Managerial Training Triumph Award 2023
6.  Global Soft Skill Training Triumph Award 2023
7.  Global Technical Training Triumph Award 2023
8.  Global Training in HR Triumph Award 2023
9.  Global Learning & Development Triumph Award 2023
10. Global Skill Development Triumph Award 2023