Senior Care

Loneliness is the foremost issue faced by Elderly, the world over and across socio-economic strata. It leads to isolation, and happens to be a major risk factor for depression and dementia. 90% of India's poor seniors still work for a livelihood. They suffer from lack of food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.
Bodhi Foundation is actively involved in helping the elderly, from all social strata, to age actively and with dignity. We aim to:
1. Promote awareness about elderly health related issues
2. Empower elderly to use technology and remain socially active
3. Maintain autonomy and independence of elderly
4. Create awareness about dementia in society
5. Educate caregivers in dementia care

Our Approach

Geriatric Health - Near 18 million senior citizens in India have practically no access to social insurance. The old who live in destitution have no access to human services. They experience the ill effects of age-related diseases which makes it difficult for them to work and without work they can't manage the cost of their necessities. This is an endless loop. Bodhi Foundation provides assistance to these seniors with respect to their sustenance, medications and necessities.
Cataract - 74% of India's senior residents get affected by Cataract. Unfit to bear the cost of medical procedure, the affected ones become forever visually impaired and lose the ability to acquire a living. In order to arrange for the treatment, medications, hospitalization, and nourishment of the affected ones, to enable them to reestablish their sight, Bodhi Foundation intends to create a pool of Doctors and support staff who carry out such medical procedures on voluntary basis
Homes - Near 18 million elderly in India are destitute. Senior residents living in neediness face rejection by their very own families as they can't procure a salary. They end up living alone and starving as they can't bear the cost of even two suppers every day. We try to assist such seniors by with helping them settle in a protected maturity home where they can get sustenance, safe house and medicinal consideration.
However, this is a tough battle! To furnish these seniors with necessities like nourishment, shelter, clothing, healthcare, senior consideration, and social insurance; your kindness in whichever way possible can brighten dozens of people’s days. Bodhi Foundation is endeavoring to make a difference in the life of senior population by enabling them to enhance their well-being and give them a more meaningful life! We look forward to working alongside you to make a difference in the lives of elderly.